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Soothing Touch of Yoga
The most central idea to any yoga practice and particularly to Sadhana Yoga is prana, which means "vital life force." The vital life force refers to the spark that separates living beings from non-living material. It is the core within which connects all of us to the universe. In today’s hectic world we have become very disconnected from nature and its flow of energy. We tend to fight against nature and the laws of nature rather than going with the flow. Through yoga, and specifically through Sadhana Yoga, we can return to, and connect with, the natural current of the vital life force. This means gaining greater inner peace and a strong sense of physical well-being.

The vital life force is not unique to people. From the smallest single cell animal to the infinite energy of a million galaxies and everything in between, the entire natural world is connected through the energy found in all organisms. Each of us can learn to harness this natural energy and reap the benefits of living closer to the vital life force. From this vibrant current we can fuel our lives. It drives us to reach our personal best no matter what we choose to do. Just as a fish separated from water cannot live, and the beautiful colors of a flower cannot be seen without light, humans cannot reach their full potential if they live apart from the natural flow of universal energy.

Through the practice of Sadhana Yoga you can learn to reconnect your body, mind and soul with vital life force energy. This is accomplished through a balance of physical Yoga exercises (Asanas), relaxation, meditation and a healthy diet.

Meditation for Inner Peace
In yoga practice, meditation is one of the eight limbs along the path to enlightenment. Practiced by itself, meditation is called Raja Yoga. " In Sanskrit Raja means "king," and Yoga means "union or bring together," so Raja Yoga is the quest to become king of your mind, to focus, tune, relax and control it, while working in unison with your physical body.

Meditation is the means by which you can calm your restless mind until it becomes still, then focus all your energy and attention on one thought, or area. Meditation is therefore not the goal, but only a tool that helps you connect to the vital life force. Through meditation you are essentially training your mind to work in harmony with your body, allowing you to reach your full potential.The traditional term for meditation is bhavana, which translates as "mental and emotional development." Just as you can develop your body through physical exercise, you can also develop your mind through mental exercise. Once you have a more focused mental power, you can begin to work on strengthening your own emotional development. Experienced yogis and yoginis have more control over their emotions. This does not mean that showing your emotions is a bad thing, yet there are times when control can produce a positive reaction and become a grand asset to communication.

Spirituality and You

To some, spirituality means closeness to nature and creating a feeling of inner peace. To others, spirituality embraces a faith and respect in some greater power that encompasses all that is good. Still, others believe that spirituality is something that is felt deep within and cannot be explained with mere words.

In the philosophy of Sadhana Yoga, true spirituality is to embrace kindness, compassion, and selfless giving. At the same time to hold peace in your heart and become a vehicle for all that is good to channel through your body and mind. When you master Sadhana Yoga, you reflect spirituality through telling a story with your yoga practice and flow with the energy of life.

Three golden rules to live by:
(1) - Think before you Act
(2) - Think before you Speak
(3) - Think before you eat


Balancing Your Health the Natures Doctor
For the most part humans have become separated from the natural flow of energy, vital life force, or (Prana). For a holistic approach to health strive to find balance within the following categories:

Moderate sunlight is an asset to your physical and mental health. Expose your body to sunlight in the early morning and late evening.

Fresh Air
Without fresh air you cannot function at your full potential. Try to spend time outdoors in Nature, or place many plants in your indoors locations.

The Earth is alive and your body needs to be grounded to this wonderful source of positive energy. Your body, mind and soul truly need to touch the Earth, feeling the heart beat of mother nature. Sit on the ground, walk barefoot in the grass, grow a garden, and take a camping trip.

Pure water will cleanse, sooth and heal your body internally and externally. Swim, bath, shower and drink plenty of pure, fresh water daily.

Take a lesson from ether. There are times when it is good to be nothing, void of all, calm and quiet as you let the energy of life pass through you.

You have to move your body, or you will not be healthy. Find a balance between aerobics, muscle resistance and stretching. Allow this to be a priority in your life.

Relaxation and Sleep
Take time to embrace the spoils of relaxation and adequate sleep, your body will thank you for years to come.

Diet and Nutrition
Your whole physical and mental existence is greatly affected by your choice of food. In the Yogic tradition, your body is your temple. Strive to fuel your body with the best possible diet.

Daily Purpose
Find something your enjoy, work for a purpose and look forward to every day.


Exercise and Fitness
The word exercise implies movement: strengthening, toning, stretching, and working your body. Sadhana Yoga teaches to strive for a balance in all aspects of life, including exercise.You can build your body through aerobic exercise, muscle resistance exercise, stretching exercise, and proper diet. If you chose not to engage in any of these categories, then you will never succeed at building your body to its full potential. If you partake in only a few of these four categories, you will have some success, yet you will still lack in achieving your full potential. Through the Sadhana Yoga system you will embrace all four categories and achieve a well balanced, healthy, strong, and flexible body.

Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise includes any exercise that puts stress on working your heart and lungs. This would include any exercise, which gets you breathing hard, and increases your heart rate to its maximum sustained beat.

Muscle Resistance Exercise
Muscle resistance exercise strengthens muscles with less emphasis on heart rate and respiratory functions. Try to incorporate at least 20 minutes of quality muscle resistance exercise every other day. Quality muscle resistance exercise refers to challenging your muscles because muscle resistance exercise usually targets one specific muscle group, you need to focus on different areas of your body with each separate workout.

Stretching Exercise
Isolated stretching exercise implies the lengthening of the muscles, joints and tendons without emphasis on your respiratory system, circulatory system, or strengthening of muscles. Pure stretching is different from yoga exercise, yet yoga exercise definitely involves stretching. Yoga differs from simple stretching as it also embraces techniques of synchronized breathing, counter stretching, the mind-body connection, and proper sequencing of yoga postures. Stretching your muscles with yoga helps to release tension from your muscles, and creates more supple joints and tendons. Ideally, you should strive to stretch for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes two or three times a week.

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