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Sadhana Yoga Chi Is An Evolution Of
Vinyasa Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga / Yin Yoga / Power Yoga / Restorative Yoga

Literal Definition of Sadhana Yoga Chi
The practice, quest, or act of mastery, a union of vital life force, with your body mind and soul.


Your Footprint In Time
If you throw a pebble into a quiet pond, it creates ripples; eventually touching the distant shores long after the pebble is gone. Symbolically, your existence in life creates ripples in time, touching those in future generations, long after you are gone. You can leave a message of kindness, intelligence, love, compassion, and ecological preservation, or one of selfish greed, ignorance, destruction, violence and mass destruction.

The Goal of Sadhana Yoga Chi
The goal of Sadhana Yoga Chi is to create a holistic balance between learning and teaching, power and softness, intellect and fitness. As both students and teachers, we embrace a true appreciation for nature, simplicity, integrity, happiness and laughter. We are inspired to seek true human potential in all life and throughout time. Last but not least, we aspire for a genuine balance between your own physical, mental, and spiritual self.

The goals of Sadhana Yoga are achieved by striving to create a body of enhanced health and fitness, a mind with pure clarity, true intellect and focus, all woven together with a heart filled with peace and harmony.

Sadhana Yoga Chi Topics

  • Vinyasa Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga / Power Yoga / Yin and Restorative Yoga
  • Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting, and instruction
  • Influence and respect for mixed styles and Yoga tradition
  • Developing a flexible mind and body
  • Yoga adjustments and partner Yoga
  • External and internal tools for success
  • Qualities of a Yoga teacher and ethics
  • Yoga as a successful business
  • Teaching workshops and intensives
  • Suggestions for women, including menstrual, pregnancy, menopause
  • Enhanced speaking, including tone and wording
  • Yoga Kriyas (internal cleansing) and detoxification
  • Cross-training with Yoga for athletes, weight loss, fitness
  • Yoga for seniors and children
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Meditation, deep relaxation, and stress management
  • Unique Yoga vinyasas as a moving meditation
  • Sanskrit sacred words
  • Anatomy related to Yoga postures and beyond
  • Avoid and overcome Injury, including wrist exercises
  • Subtle Anatomy: Inner conscience and the Chakras
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and philosophy of Yoga
  • Karma Yoga: Body and earth ecology
  • Enhanced yogic diet
  • Eight Limbs and Yoga branches
  • Many paths to spirituality
More About Sadhana Yoga Chi
Sadhana Yoga Chi does not restrict your intelligence, or put limits on expanding your knowledge. Instead, we encourage the freedom to study and practice positive aspects of other different holistic techniques. This includes other systems of yoga and alternate body and mind expansion concepts. We do not endorse boxed thinking, fossilized thought, or caged birds. Freedom is the mind of intelligence.

Vinyasa Connections
The concept of vinyasa is a connecting link between a sequencing of yoga postures, which creates a fluid and seamless practice. There are many wonderful systems of yoga asana practice, some use the connecting links of vinyasa and others do not. One of my teachers once said "All ways are right, and one way is wrong." In the system of Sadhana Yoga Chi, we use vinyasa¹s much of the time and on some occasions chose not to use vinyasa. The unique vinyasa system in Sadhana Yoga Chi was created by Doug Swenson and is based on new innovative connective links that continue the flow of energy from one asana to the next. These energy compatible flowing links called vinyasas, serve as the "electrical wiring" that connects the energy from posture to posture, creates internal heat, distributes pranic energy throughout your body and also serves to clear your personal energy field for the next posture.

In Sadhana Yoga Chi the variety of connecting movements are strength building, very smooth, circular in motion, graceful, and flow like a soft poetic dance. These connecting movements are safe, easy on the body, and okay for any level of fitness. Sadhana Yoga Chi uses a variety of different vinyasas, each separate vinyasa is based on the energy flow of the individual yoga postures.

The most exciting aspect of developing Sadhana Yoga Chi is that it was created to be a universal vinyasa system, which means that you can use these concepts with any other style of practice. No matter what type of yoga you already do, Sadhana Yoga Chi can enhance its performance. What's more, it caters to all levels of yoga practice, from beginners through advanced students. This system can be very challenging, to even the most advanced yoga student, at the same time.

The Sadhana Yoga Chi system is designed to affect every area of your body, with nothing left untouched. It combines the best of both the hard form and soft form worlds as it reflects softness as strength. Sadhana Yoga Chi embraces proper diet and body cleansing techniques with additional teachings on how yoga can help to influence your whole life in a positive way. Finally, this style also endorses the use of yoga adjustments to enhance the comfort and energy of each yoga posture.

Outwardly the vinyasa creates a beautiful flow of continuous energy. Your yoga practice between postures will resemble the essence and fluid movement of a river, the strength, the softness and destiny to succeed. After just a few weeks of practicing Sadhana Yoga Chi, you will notice improvements in all your physical activities: everything will become a more fluid for you in all areas in your whole life, including that of sports, games, recreation, your work, family, and hobbies.

Your mind is a reflection of your physical actions therefore changes in your body also affect your emotional state. Once you have embraced all aspects of Sadhana Yoga Chi, including enhanced diet and regular exercise - you will then experience a more focused mind and feel a direct connection with the natural flow of the vital life force. As you notice more physical energy, you will also notice an increase in mental energy as well, whether you are reading books, organizing your thoughts, working, or just relaxing with a friend or loved one. You will develop a sense of well-being, greater self-confidence, and find yourself in tune with positive thoughts. Everyone will love to be around you as you find it easier to communicate and touch the hearts of others.


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