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Discovering Vinyasa Flow

Pioneering Vinyasa Yoga
by Doug Swenson

Doug Swenson is the author of Yoga Helps, Power Yoga for Dummies, Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow, and over 20 videos on Gaia TV. Doug's latest book, Pioneering Vinyasa Yoga, is a testament of his 45 years of teaching, with endorsements by over 15 of the best yoga teachers in the world today.

A user-friendly guide for all levels of practice; illustrated with beautiful artistic photographs, Pioneering Vinyasa Yoga presents more than just a high quality educational yoga book; this book offers: yoga adventure stories, and a gallery of renowned yoga teachers. Including enhanced nutrition, heartfelt philosophy and inspiring yoga routines. Integrating the knowledge of his many years of teaching, master instructor Doug Swenson unveils a beautiful and sacred gift to the yoga community, which will truly touch the hearts, and minds of many throughout time.

Among the sea of yoga books, this beautifully written, holistic approach, of Pioneering Vinyasa Yoga is the ideal book for progressive minds of all ages, and a great complement to your yoga library.

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